Mid Life Father Blog

First Blog (13/4/18)

Hello & welcome to my “Mid Life Father” blog. You can find me on Instagram @midlifefather for all my latest pics and family life.

I guess this is where it starts. Me & Jody have been together 12 years and got married in the summer of 2017 at Smeetham hall barns, it was the most perfect day ever.

Soon after this we found out that we was going to be parents again! (and Jack a BIG brother)

So with only 17 days to go, I’ve limited all my bookings to local parties and got other entertainers on standby.

The hospital bag is packed, the buggy is in the car (its been there for 5 years since Jack started to walk, we had nowhere to store it)

Every slight noise Jody makes I’m asking “are you ok” I think she’s getting a little annoyed with me now.

Is it normal for women to huff n puff at the last stages of pregnancy (I keep thinking I’ve done something wrong)

“I can’t walk far, but I can spend 2 hours shopping in Primark” 

“Bless her”, I can hear you say. We took the dog for a walk and we managed 100 yards before we had to turn back, Frank the dog wasn’t impressed.

But don’t worry I went back out with him and even bathed the kids in the local river…