4 Days til due date!

Today was the midwife appointment and all was going well until she mentioned the “Stretch and Sweep”

– Seriously, could she not see me sitting there! I remember reading about this (I’m not going to explain this on here) but it’s not the most pleasant of thing!

Also the midwife mentioned a Birthing ball, now this sounds fun (why couldn’t she of mentioned this first) so straight after the appointment we went to Argos (via B&M who wouldn’t sell me a packets of paracetamol and a packet of ibuprofen and some imodium because its against their policy) – But its ok if I want to buy 12 bottles of vodka, 10 cases of Strongbow, a set of kitchen knives & some aerosol cans and glue!

Anyway got this giant ball home and so I had to test it.

Yeah, its all good, but cant see how this is gonna help! So we take a look on youtube, there is loads of women, in just bras doing all these “funny” movements on them, you know the kind of movements that probably got them pregnant in the first place! with seductive music in the background and their belly’s hanging out, I felt un-easy watching these kind of videos (in front of Jody lol)

Jody was worried the ball was gonna pop, so I felt it necessary to record the whole thing.

this was great until I started playing “Shaggy, Mr Boombastic”

Anyway, 4 days to go and still time to get them hips moving on that giant ball. x

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