4 weeks old – is it a smile or is it wind?

How can you forget so much in just 7 years, When Jack was born it was magical (probably because I was DJing 4 nights a week and just coming home and sleeping)

With Jenson its all a bit different, Now I’m a full time Children’s entertainer I’m home most nights, which means I’m on night feed duty.

Now this 2am shift is the worst shift in the world, “why?” I hear you ask yourself. Well its because I only went to bed 2 hours ago, and fell asleep an hour ago. I’m one of those people that has to lay there for an hour before I fall asleep, asking questions to myself, like – How can we feel heat from the sun when its so far away?, how does the sun burn when theres no oxygen? – so this sends me to google & I get the answers, but with the answers theres more questions!

Jody is one of these lucky ones whose head hits the pillow and she’s asleep (she obviously knows the answers to everything)

So I eventually fall asleep at 1am, then at 2am Jenson wakes up, why hasn’t evolution solved this problem yet, we’ve been around for thousands of years (I will google this one tonight before I try and go to sleep)

We come down stairs and put the milk in the bottle and let the Tommee Tippee machine do his thing! (if you’ve not got one of these in your life, you need one! but what was the design department thinking when they said “Lets give it the most annoying loud beep that will wake up your whole neighbourhood”

The person that thought this idea was a good idea needs locking in a dark room at 2am with a crying baby under his arm and forced to make baby bottles, he would soon re-design it.

Anyway lets me get back to what this blog was about. Wind or No wind?

Awwww look he’s smiling, no its just wind – like us adults when we let a bit of wind out we give a “pleasure smile”

I was googling the other night when do babies start cooing (the sooner the better because all Jenson does is grunt & huff) this day cant come soon enough!

(this was a “pleasure smile”)



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