My Legacy, The weekend before baby is due!

Where has the last 9 months gone? it has flown by. Jody is doing amazing & I can’t imagine what its like carrying a baby around for so long inside you.

This weekend I was a little worried cos Jody said “she had a feeling he might come early” I was like OMG!! not this weekend, 5 kids parties and an 50th wedding anniversary disco (but it was all ok cos I have a huge network of other entertainers that can step in at the last minute)

So this weekend I didn’t want Jody to go in to labour and I said to my self, “its ok she will take things easy” I’ve never been so wrong, when I come down stairs this morning she was stood on a chair cleaning the windows in the kitchen, this is after she had done all the housework! then she went outside and started potting plants, building an arch, digging holes, OH! I forgot to mention its only 7.30am.

Tomorrow is Sunday, I have 2 parties 11 til 1 & 2 til 3.30pm (so keeping fingers crossed that baby doesn’t head for the light)

Getting excited, yeah I am, also getting scared a little. Trying to remember the basic things like how to hold a baby, burping, the pooh, the nappies, the bottles (how many scoops to water?) the sterilising, the getting dressed, the car seat struggles, the shopping. Yeah we’ve done it before with Jack (7 years ago) I’m sure its gonna be fine and I’m worrying myself for no reason. I’m a kids entertainer thats the toughest job in the world – 1 baby should be a walk in the park (once I’ve got him dressed & in the buggy)

“My Legacy” my mum died about 11 years ago, she was my best friend & Im a great believer that in some way, shape or form she’s still around and its her guidance that helps me make the right choices. I just wish that when she was younger she wrote about what things were like, for me to read now 39 and 10 months on from when I was born.

It would be great to read her words 🙁

So I guess thats why Im doing this Blog, For Macey, Jack & Baby to read when I’m no longer here (don’t worry I’m not planning on going anywhere)

I’m so lucky to have what I have, and I hope that one day my children grow up to also have the happiness that I feel.

There are so many people in jobs they don’t enjoy doing, the 9 to 5 everyday, commuting for hours on end just to make ends meet, life shouldn’t be like that, you should have a job you enjoy, then it doesn’t become a job. Thats one thing I will make sure my children understand when they are older (and you should too if your reading this).

Anyway, thats todays bloggy bit out of the way :)) not long until Jack & Macey meet their new brother, I do wonder what he’s gonna grow up to be like.

until next time….

“shake them hips like Shakira”


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