The Bed Roll

(Why is she smiling in picture No.2?)

This manoeuvre takes on average about 7 minutes and involves an incredible amount of strength, but does it need to be done several times a night? do arms need to be thrown around and on top of that more “huffing and puffing” I guess so.

I can imagine having a baby strapped to my front is gonna be quite difficult to sleep with, why has no one invented something so that you can sleep in the upright position?

while this is happening in the night, I am truly supportive to my wife and allow some slack in the duvet while she’s struggling to get comfortable.

4 thoughts on “The Bed Roll”

  1. Do you have any pointers for writing articles?
    That’s where I always struggle and I just wind up looking empty display for long period of time.

    1. Lol unfortunately I dont lol I also end up just staring at the computer screen for hours x but good luck x

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