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Please remember this post is written by a loving husband.

2.30am (Wednesday) The contractions started. I was asleep but was woken up with Jody saying “Its started” ….. whats started? was my immediate reply to her. Then it dawned on me I was about to be a dad again! For some strange reason I thought it wont take long now… little did I know!

Today was the day we had the plumbers round fixing our central heating, but thats ok cos it needed doing! Jody wanted to stay at home as long as possible (because after last time when Jack was born we was adamant that she was in labour and when we got to the hospital she wasn’t even 1cm dialated)

So she stayed up stairs while the plumbers were here, even managed to have a sleep – so this got me thinking, maybe they are just Braxton Hicks (But I never said this to her in case she threw something at me)

1.30pm the plumbers were in full swing by now, and the house was a disaster and Jody come down stairs and said “We’ve got to go!” (gulp)

On the way to the hospital, Jody called them up because there was a bit more blood that what there should of been (I don’t want to go in to detail but it was pretty bad) When we arrived they put baby and mum on a monitor and started talking about the placenta coming away from the uterus. OK so what now then??

C- section was on the cards to get the baby out quick!! but the consultant came along and (Done what he had to do) – this was a little strange for me, cos although I knew he was helping, and that he was fully trained at what he does  (I’m not sure how you go about “Learning” something like that)

I felt helpless while he done his inspection! But all was good and the placenta was fine – the blood we saw was just “The Show” ….. The show, who on earth would name it “The Show” The Lion King, thats a show! this is nothing like a show.

So Jody could go ahead with a normal delivery.

4.30pm dinner time, off I went to M&S

4.32pm I realised I walked up the corridor the wrong way!

On returning, there was someone in delivery suit 2, who I owe an apology to, but at times like that you really should keep your door closed! I kinda feel like I should be part of your family now.

6pm “Go Go Go we are in established labour” well excuse me for bring ignorant but where have we been for the last 15 hours?

Midwife said to Jody 7pm he will be here (I cant repeat the words that came out of Jody’s mouth)

Jody was doing an amazing job, to be going through all of this, I honestly don’t know how she found the energy. Truly inspirational & I will never moan about stubbing my toe or stepping on a piece of Lego again.

6.55pm “Oh sh**” is that his head, laying there face down ….. “GET HIM OUT, GET HIM OUT ” I was shouting in my own head, but I knew we had to wait for another contraction (waiting, still waiting, baby not moving, not making a sound – midwife looks as calm as a hippy after smoking a bag of herb) “its ok” she said to me & Jody.

OKAY, how is this OKAY??

Contractions is coming…… Like a child coming down a water slide he was here and the look of relief on Jody face was priceless (she would of killed me if I had taken a picture)

You want your wife to have contractions because you know its pushing the baby out, but on the other hand you don’t want your wife to go through the pain of them, its a no win situation and as a husband my job was just to support her, as I will for the rest of time (oh and the holding of the cup as she drunk the warm water through a straw)

Dads, if you’ve got this far reading my Blog, you have got to try the gas and air, its like a legal high ((not that I know)) but if anything goes wrong at least your in the safest place, It’s amazing the room started to spin! and there was no hangover.

7.03pm Jenson was born, Mum had done amazing and made me so proud, words cant express how much I love Jody and how much of an inspiration she is to me xx I love you

x Thank you x

Jenson Rocky Saywell 7lb 10oz


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