The “Pregnancy” Cramp

OK, we’ve all had cramp – I’ve had the worst kind of cramp, when you wake up and you are convinced you have somehow managed to kill your own arm in the night.

You’ve slept on it and its DEAD. You begin to panic, whats been 5 seconds seems like an hour, you pick up your dead arm and start waving it around the room shouting “my arm, I’ve killed my arm” this of course wakes Jody up! then the pins and needles set in….

Apparently when you get cramp when your pregnant its a lot worse (hmmm I’m not sure) well anyway I was woken up the other night by my beautiful wife because she had cramp in her calf, so I googled this …

“Yes its very common, now go back to sleep” wasn’t the answer she wanted to hear, for the next 25 mins I was her massage therapist and massaging her calf muscle in her leg.

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