The Snoring Wife

2am I was woken up with what can only be described as a sound from a horror film. I sat up and thought “what the hell was that?” then I heard it again, coming from my wife.

In 12 years I have never heard a noise like this come from her, it was like she was possessed by some evil demon.

remember the film “The Exorcist” this was on par.

One howling snort later she woke her self up (and the rest of our street) Then it went quiet & I felt myself drifting off…………

BOOOM there it was again, the room shook and I was awake, expecting to see Jody’s head do a 360 degree turn and to see her elevating above our bed.

That was it, I grabbed my pillows and got up, Jody asked “you ok?” … I wasn’t going to lie, I told her the truth that she had been making some demonic noises.

Off I went to my daughters room (she’s staying at her mums, so theres a spare bed & a comfy one)

5am I woke up – why? …. Not because of my wife snoring but because of the sun, “Yes” a welcome sight on a warm Sunday afternoon with a few beers and a BBQ, but not at 5am in the morning! I only have myself to blame because I have been saying to Jody for the last 5 years “Yes I will put the blinds up on my next day off”

So a sleepless night, I guess its a good thing because we will be having plenty of them when the little man arrives.

Just 2 weeks until due day and we are getting excited. Although we can’t decide on middle names. My suggestion of “Gary & Gonzo” aren’t being taken seriously.

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